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In foreign lotteries , such as the Euro Millions or Powerball , you can play on CLICK HERE 7 different ways. The player has a choice of 7 attractive packages :

Standard package
This very simple and extremely lucrative game option allows players to purchase lottery bets on all at once, on their chosen period of time : a week , a month , three months , six months and one year. And it's all one click of the mouse. As fate are purchased in large quantities , the player automatically receives a discount of up to 25%.

25% Off

package Super7
This package offers players participating in their chosen 7 lotteries and the same as in the Standard Package , bets can be played by them for a specific period of time. Prices in this package are also discounted .

package Big5
Big5 is one of the lottery packages containing the 5 most popular Lottery : Euromillions , EuroJackpot , SuperEnaLotto , Mega Millions and Powerball . Player so involved in all the 5 chosen by lottery by the time. This package offers a discount, depending on its size.

game System
Players can increase their chances of winning by adding three extra numbers to your plants , and the system will generate all possible combinations using numbers selected by the player lotto .

Quick Play
This option allows players to select a preferred lottery and play it for a limited time , by one click. The player has the choice of playing one plant in each lottery draw selected by the week or month .

It is otherwise an intelligent game that allows players to set the parameters of the game so that I never missed an important draw for them . System on their behalf will take part in the lottery , according to their chosen settings , for example in their preferred time, or when the jackpot reaches a certain size by them . To make this option enabled , the player must have funds in your account online .

For a small fee, players have the chance of multiplying their winnings 2, 3 or 4 times by selecting multipliers . It does not apply to winnings of I and II degree.


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El Niño - win 560 million euros

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Play popular worldwide Lottery El Niño. 
To win until 560 million euros ($ 761 million)! The El Niño wins a lot of people! This lottery is to purchase fate.
January 6th is done draw happy fate. Prizes are very much! Chances of winning are huge amounts of 1:3. Play now and win millions
By subscribing today, you get a bonus of 100% of the first deposit. Jackpot Banners

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United accumulation in the Mega Millions!
On Friday, December 13th to win up $ 400 million!
Fulfill your all dreams and play!
Just correctly predict 5 numbers from 1 to 75 and one number from 1 to 15
Play now! When you receive your first deposit bonus of 100%. Example: you deposit $ 10, you get $ 20.
Give yourself a chance to win $ 400 million!
Perhaps it is your ticket will be happy? Check!
Play the biggest USA Lotteries

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Win up 205 MILLION MEGA MILLIONS! The draw tomorrow - 16.11.2013! Want to become a millionaire? Fulfill your all dreams of a garage full of cars lususowych? Villa with an area of ​​500 meters with swimming pools? Travel around the world? USA? Seychelles? Australia? Dubai? You can be every week in a different place in the world! Craving quitting work and the fulfillment of all your desires? There is a way! PLAY MEGA MILLIONS ON THE INTERNET! Tomorrow to win up 205 MILLION DOLLARS! Do not wait, just select the number here:

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elGordo de Navidad 2013

What is elGordo de Navidad?
elGordo de Navidad is a new seasonal lottery similar to the popular El Gordo de Verano and El Nino. The prize pool is up to 2,520,000,000 Euros! elGordo de Navidad comes from Spain, where 98% of people take it as the share. In elGordo de Navidad can also play online without leaving your home, simply click on the banner below.
Jackpot Banners
What is elGordo de Navidad?
In elGordo de Navidad not normally selects the numbers. Here buys a lot, which is involved in a number of raffle prizes. Los elGordo de Navidad consists of a code of numbers in the range 00000-99999. The sale is the fate of as many as 100 000.

What are the prizes in elGordo de Navidad?
Main prize is a 4 million Euro. Chance to win the main prize is 1:000 000, so it is very large. This means that the 10 winning tickets of 2 million. In addition, 378,000 tickets wins a large cash prize. The odds of winning are very high!

What are the chances of winning the elGordo de Navidad?
The chance of winning the El Gordo de Navidad is 1 to 6.5. The chances are so very big! The possibility of winning is up 27 million.

When is the draw elGordo de Navidad in 2013?
ElGordo de Navidad draw will take place on 22 December 2013 - just before Christmas.

How to buy a lot at elGordo de Navidad?
It is very easy! Businesswoman on elGordo de Verano can be purchased over the Internet. Just click here.

What draws elGordo de Navidad?
ElGordo de Navidad draw takes place in the hall Lottery Nacional in Madrid. San Ildefonso school students draw their numbers and sing them in public.

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WIN a $ 203 million Powerball!

Want to become a millionaire? Fulfill your dreams? New Lamborghini or Ferrari? Villa with pool? Travel around the world? Play POWERBALL! On Saturday (07.09.2013) to win up $ 203 million (154 million Euro)! Play on the Internet! Simply select the number here: